Atrium Verde - Beta Competition
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Green Atrium

Project description

This project was carried out as part of Asociația De-a Arhitectura educational program "My school can be cool" (the former ”De-a arhitectura în școala mea” in the period 2015-2021) created by the autors: arh. Corina Croitoru, dr. arh. Brîndușa Havași, arh. urb. Vera Marin, arh. urb. Claudia Pamfil, arh. Mina Sava. The students, guided by an architect, have the opportunity to discover and develop a way of thinking and approaching architect and designer’s specific issues (design thinking) by making proposals to improve or reimagine their school, being thus engaged in an active learning process in which they use their practical sense and creativity. It is a project-based approach to learning on a concrete example that they know and use, the school. Students investigate the school, identify building issues they want to improve /change, imagine what they want to do. They document, analyze, and make project proposals. In order to stimulate learning and give meaning to what was learned, students will select from their proposed project the feasible part to be built in a given budget they have at their disposal from program sponsors. Also, the classes participating in the educational program will make a simple funding application to obtain funds from the program sponsor of that year and will send it to the association. During the 2021-2022 school year, the students from National College "Iancu de Hunedoara” observed and analyzed their school building, then highlighted the major problems: the lack of hospitality in the school premises, the absence of places to spend breaks and the need for green spaces. Following discussions with all parties involved, this solution - ”Green Atrium” - was drawn up. It involves the reinvention of a forgotten and unused space and its transformation into an interior garden. Thus, a large and empty room tangent to a hall could become a representative, attractive and practical space: a space for classes, a place for meeting and discussion, a space for relaxation, meditation or for communication and debate. Last but not least, the Green Atrium of the ”Iancool” team can become a space that brings people together - the group of students with an interest for plants and responsible for their care. The solution was chosen both for the great impact in the schoo’s life, obtained with modest means, and also for the possibility of realization with the almost exclusive involvement of the students.

Author's presentation text

De-a Arhitectura Asociation carries out initiatives in the field of architecture and built environment education. The educational program "My school can be cool" was created by: arch. Corina Croitoru, dr. arch. Brîndușa Havași, urb. arch. Vera Marin, urb. arch. Claudia Pamfil, arch. Mina Sava; program coordinator: arch. Viorica Popescu. Architect Diana Dona, studied at the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, and completed the master's degree "Sacred Space and Vernacular Architecture". She currently works at DD ARCHITECTS architecture office. The enrollment of the "Iancu de Hunedoara" National College in the program was made by teacher Ileana Petruțiu. Students of the 6th, 10th and 11th grades participated: Alexandra Dona, Andreea Bondoc, Andrei Tivdă, Anna Czirjek, Sabina Iliuta, Damaris Dașchevici, Daria Budae, Denisa Flore, Dragoș Trandafir, Lois Medrea, Petra Chiriță, Nicolae Rareș, Raul Igna, Răzvan Coldea, Renata Turbuk, Romina Berindei, Ștefana Trandafir