1+1 OEDIP 12 - Beta Competition
Built space

1+1 OEDIP 12

Project description

The small residential ensemble is composed of two apartments coupled on one side, situated in southern Timișoara. This is a residential area with a majority of ground floor and one upper floor houses. In contrast to the repetitive layout used in a previous project at Oedip 10, an asymmetric solution was preferred, with a ground floor unit (unknown end-user) and a more compact apartment consisting of a ground floor and a partial upper floor (known end-user). Together they define a dynamic yet congruous pattern oriented to Oedip street (east side) and a more differentiated one towards the back courtyards (west side). Both gravitate towards the inner squared atrium, which offers natural light and ventilation, but also atmosphere, different interior views and a patch of sky at a 3m high cornice. The bamboo plantation animates this hidden core of the ensemble. Resemblance - there are some important topics which can be found in both apartments: - the natural light vibrating in the interior spaces through dynamic rays coming from the interior atrium, the narrow windows and the skylights; - generous intermediary spaces for each “open air room”; - the wooden structural elements and the brick; - the 44 cm brick exterior walls offer coolness during summer and thermal protection during winter, without exterior insulation, while also allowing for a specific render finish; the skylights are also natural ventilation chimneys, especially for the two-floors apartment. Difference – both the height regime/space pattern, as well as the perfect lawn of the horizontal apartment in total contrast to the wild garden of the other. The ground and one-floor apartment highlights the east-west axis, which expands the interior spaces through long views, emphasizing their oblique-ascensional character and the sound of light which penetrates deep into the spaces at both levels, especially at sunrise and sunset. The exterior curtains which border the intermediary inside/outside covered space dynamically amplifies the effects of the wind, reflecting the magical light inside especially at sunset. The space of the living room has acoustic qualities, with its double height dominated by the L-shaped library bookcase. Integrated furniture design characterizes all spaces (bathrooms, open kitchen, dressings, etc.). Started as an extended family investment (architect+contractor), the ensemble currently hosts the architects along with the final end-users, in a vicinity full of dialogue.

Author's presentation text

Vlad Gaivoronschi is a professor Ph.d. at the Architecture Timișoara Faculty, teaching architectural theory and studio. Partner at Andreescu & Gaivoronschi, with realized projects, national and international prizes and nominations, second prize at Central Glass Competition, Tokyo 1981, The ECCS European Prize for Steel Construction in 1997, nominations at the European Architecture Prize „Mies van der Rohe” 2008 and 2010, shortlisted at W.A.F. Barcelona 2010 and Berlin 2016, Winner at the German Design Award, Frankfurt 2018, 2020 and nominated in 2022, Winner at Big SEE Ljubljana 2019 and 2021, BETA prizes in 2016 and 2018. Over ten national prizes, eight edited books. President of Romanian Order of Architects O.A.R., Timis County 2010-18. Member in the Professional Practice Comission of the International Union of Architects, coauthor of the aspirational guide „The Value of Architecture enhancing The Quality of Life”, adopted at the U.I.A. Congress in Seul 2017.