Apus in cetate - Beta Competition

Downtown sunset

Project description

Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of volumes brought together under the light. Our eyes are made to see shapes under light; shadows and light highlight the forms; the cube, the cone, the sphere, the cylinder or the pyramid are the big primary shapes that the light brings out well; their image appears to us clear and tangible, without any confusion. This is why they are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms." Le Corbusier – "Vers une architecture" Natural sunlight is the main medium through which people experience works of architecture and urban space, and social and spatial interactions shape our everyday lives. As a photographer I captured the sunset atmosphere in the open air of the city, where the lighting is as diverse as the people and their routines, changing according to time and place. User-oriented outdoor lighting accompanies people through twilight, enhancing the city landscape with an emotional element, transforming and thus creating true urban experiences. Variations throgh sunlight can be stimulating. The warm light of the sunset together with artificial lighting is a well-balanced combination of horizontal and vertical light that not only reduces energy consumption, but also strengthens spatial perception to ensure improved orientation in the city. Natural light can be exploited to define places or buildings with a special character, an original identity, and a strong identity is the key to ensuring a stronger emotional attachment to cities and urban environments. The character of a location is certainly not static – just like the pulse of modern city life, which beats incessantly around the clock, light is able to transform public spaces into unique places. Photos only manage to freeze time and immortalize a certain moment and space in the user's life.

Author's presentation text

Architect passionate about photography who tries to capture people's lives through their interaction with architecture and urban space in a unique and balanced way.