Casa de la Ostrov - Beta Competition
Built space, Built space

House in Ostrov

Project description

The house in Ostrov, located 7 km from Hateg, is the small, stable home of a retired couple. Occasionally, the house also serves as a holiday home, hosting an extended family. (7-8 members in total). The plot has a N-S orientation, with the street facing north. The pasure field on the south end of the plot offers direct, unobstructed views of the Retezat Mountains. Positioned perpendicular to the plot, the house reinforces the intimate character of the garden with south exposure, taking advantage of the view towards Retezat and the shade of a mature walnut tree in the courtyard. The minimal volume with a pitched roof, the materiality of exposed brick and the large gate as the only opening on the façade, are themes of the project, inspired by the brick barns recurrent in the village. The access to the house is centrally positioned, from the entrance hallway the living room is distributed to the right and the bedroom to the left. These rooms are open to the ridge bean and have generous windows overlooking the terrace and courtyard. In front of the entrance hall is the staircase leading to the upper floor (guest room), the bathroom and the technical space. The upstairs guest room is open to the hallway and communicates with the living room through an interior window. These spatial relationships highlight the generous height of the interiors (5.45m) and compensate for the relatively small surface areas of the rooms. The windows in the living room and bedroom are set back from the plane of the facade, and sliding shutters for shading are incorporated into the thickness of the setback. The building shell and interior finishes were entirely carried out by the local builder, Mr Sucioni. He has executed with precision the details of the eaves and the roofing: the recessed ridge bean(narrow ridge purlin)and the hidden gutter detail. He also made the steel clips and brackets for the ventilated brick facade. The interior doors, staircase and built-in furniture were made by the local carpenter, Mr Priala. The collaborators showed rare dedication and attentiveness, and were available to discuss questions about the project in detail at a distance. Last but not least, they trusted me, a novice architect. The chance to allocate the limited budget for details, quality of materials and workmanship at the expense of square meters built was given by the beneficiary, Mr. Stroescu.

Author's presentation text

Timea Kos graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Politehnica Timisoara in 2014 and since 2017 is a member of the Romanian Order of Architects. From 2014-2017 she was employed at Juri Troy Architects in Vienna, since 2017 she is a member of the architecture office of Helmut Kuess in Bregenz, Austria.