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Nomad's House

Project description

We cut from the vast plains of Banat, with the help of thick earth walls, an internalized world that we called the Nomad House. An oasis of peace, a place with a chain of minimal interior spaces, a structure space (with a ground footprint of 25sqm) and a large vegetable garden, which grows between two landmarks - the hearth of the house, with his place under the vine, and, at the opposite pole, the fountain, with the resting place under the walnut. The garden, the core of the house, is also the main source of livelihood for its inhabitants - a family of immigrant nomads, settled in Romania. The last ten years have been marked by the growing number of immigrants, which is why the model of the nomad's house is designed to be outsourced to more areas near the borders. Autonomous, accessible and sustainable, made with the recovery of a traditional local construction technique, the house offers the place where those looking for a new beginning to find themselves at home. Used since ancient times, rammed earth is a material with a very high insulating capacity. It is also a proper material for sustainable and non-invasive projects. The Nomad House uses geothermal energy for both cooling and heating. During the summer, the walls act as a heat deflection mechanism, and any excess heat can be vented through the skylight. At the same time, by using the geothermal pump to cool the house, a pleasant living environment can be maintained throughout the day. During cold periods, the geothermal pump uses the thermal energy of the earth, and the rammed earth walls act as radiators, retaining the heat brought by the pump. Electricity can be generated with the help of a wind turbine and the water can be extracted with the help of a drilling pump. Dimensions of the house: 10 x 2,50 m. Rammed earth walls with rows of mud bricks. Spaces of the house: a . Entrance, Storage / b . Living area / c. Cooking area / d. Showering area / e. Sleeping area / f. Pump distribution chamber / g. Fireplace / h. Intermediate space / i. Garden / j. Resting place near the fountain and the tree.

Author's presentation text

Ruth-Adalgiza Iacob obtained her PhD in Architecture in 2019, Summa cum laude, with a research on the Neoprotestant Architecture in Romania. The project which concluded the research, "Church with gardens", was awarded in the contest of solutions for a Neoprotestant church, organized by SDA Church the Muntenia Conference. Since 2015, Ruth has been working as a Teaching Assistant in the Design Studios of "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism. In 2022 she received two scholarships at YACademy, Bologna: Architecture for Landscape and Architecture for Heritage. Andrei Cumpănășoiu, architect with 8 years of experience. With numerous participations in international architectural competitions. Awarded at the Solutions Contest for the Romanian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, Claiming the River 2020. Since 2018, Andrei has worked at Cumulus Architecture where he had the role of concept architect.