Comun Cafe - Beta Competition
Interior space, Interior space

Comun Cafe

Project description

Near Maria Square, an alveolus placed in the interwar "block" that defines the line of the boulevard opens to the pedestrian area - Comun. Between pharmacies, supermarkets, pastry shops, clothing stores, clinics, a cafe imposes a new energy and way of crossing the sidewalk. Instead of a crossing from point A to point B, Comun Cafe becomes, at the same time, the pause moment or even the destination. The space is positioned perpendicular to the street, in length. 90% of the width opens to the street. One-step access - bench. The solution was a consequence of the layout and geometry of the space: the interior completely open to the sidewalk - a "room" to which you have access from the street. In the design process I relied on the interaction with the barista who makes the coffee and tells the stories. The element that connects all the information: the common table. The espresso bar continues with a table that serves customers, with seats on both sides and a bench that borders the background. The key element works in two plans: once, people interact with each other sitting at the table and have the opportunity to see the "architecture" behind the espresso machine. The cursive finishes of the walls represented by the ceramics and the decorative plaster have a functional role role and together with the details of the furniture they make a reference to the architectural and historical context of the area. On the short side, the furniture includes access to the service spaces and the storage module, sink, boiler, dishwasher. The common table contains a functional, opaque module, which incorporates the refrigerator, water pump and all connections and drains to the water network. Detail architecture. The interior space becomes the "common" space of the street, open to pedestrians.

Author's presentation text

Vinklu is an idea started in 2017 and translated into architecture through a creative process based on structure, intention and intuition