EAN Clinic - Beta Competition
Interior space

EAN Clinic

Project description

Situated in a historical context, in an old Jewish quarter of Iași, the proposed clinic is located on the ground floor of a small house that is about 100 years old. The main challenges of the project were the way the interior space will be able to navigate its context in relation to the historic character of the building and at the same time, the way by which the space requirements of a contemporary function - a dental maxillo-facial surgery and aesthetics clinic- negotiates the limited space available, conforming to the flows and regulations imposed by law. A key to solving some of the mentioned problems came from the beneficiaries that wanted to establish a more personal relationship between doctor and patient, abandoning the typical reception model, and at the same time integrating into the clinic a series of artworks from their personal collection. The two merged requirements established the basis of the concept: an “art gallery” dedicated to the medical act, where the patient is valued by integrating him into the scenography of the space, with the use of brass niches. Thus becoming part of the scenario, as the patient interacts with the places of the clinic. In the process of defining the color-coding of different places, we chose to use the colours of artworks as guides: fuchsia is associated with the open wound, therefore it’s assigned to the consultation room. For the spaces charged with tension, we used blue for its relaxing properties: as an accent in the waiting area where treatment plans are discussed and proposed, and as an overwhelming background for transfer areas towards the treatment room where the patient and the staff are preparing for the intervention. Immaculate white is used for the sterilization and intervention room reflecting a medical act without compromise. In order to evoke a subtle reminder of a sculptor's studio, we used a mineral accent in the treatment room. In the end, for everything to work harmoniously in terms of context, we chose the new intervention to be easily read in relation to the old ceiling through colour, proportions and also by using decorative profiles that communicate with the cornice in a contemporary way. The bridge between the two worlds will be strengthened by the suspended bidirectional light fixtures.

Author's presentation text

Andi-Alexandru Buftea – 2014, Timisoara Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, graduate. I made my first steps towards architecture during my study years, by my own and trough different collaborations making contact with various architecture and interior design programs, gradually building my experience and portfolio so I can later develop my own brand named NOI studio. A brand focused on the rigor of project compliance, material knowledge, technical details and working methods of craftsmen - with whom we usually work close - but also focused on a personal relationship with our beneficiaries. Ariana Ţuţuianu – 2018, Timisoara Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, graduate. Looking for a possibility to work closely with craftsmen and beneficiaries, I started working together with arch. Andi - Alexandru Buftea during the last years of my studies, having the opportunity to gain a more pragmatic experience regarding various small-scale projects and architecture connected fields.