Faber - Beta Competition
Built space


Project description

The FABER building is part of a former important industrial site, in the Fabric district of Timișoara, on the banks of the Bega river: the former United Oil and Soap Factories, now known as AZUR. The site is important because it represents the initial location of a business founded here in the 19th century, that after the communist period returned to the family that initiated it, the Farber family. Currently, the former industrial platform houses a long list of small entrepreneurs and artists, while the owners have not yet rushed to brutally reformulate the contents of the plot, even if they have not had industrial activity here for more than half a century. From an urban point of view, the site is in the middle of a space in transition, which according to the future general urban plan of the city must be transformed into an area with mixed functions. Although there are various discussions about how this complex could be developed, the FABER building is the first to be rehabilitated. The building has a built area of ​​approximately 840 square meters, structured and distributed almost equally on two levels - ground floor and first floor. In terms of functions, the ground floor accommodates a large event room, a foyer, bathrooms, a bistro area with a kitchen and a passage way that will provide car access inside the courtyard. The first floor accommodates the cowork and makerspace area, along with 2 medium sized meeting rooms and another 2 small overlapping ones. The vertical circulation is speculated in the form of a complex device, composed of stairs and platforms that ensure both access to the upstairs spaces and the possibility for various outdoor activities. In the same direction of maximizing the potential of the outdoor space, several terraces are arranged in relationship with the house and river. The distribution of spaces between the different organizations reflects the spatial needs of each: AMBASADA operates part of the ground floor, while FOR - the cowork operator - is housed upstairs, with Faber managing the large event room and one of the medium sized meeting rooms on the first floor.

Author's presentation text

F O R is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform, with a focus on fostering, facilitating and delivering innovation to people and cities. Understanding that the mind and its environment are closely connected, F O R is currently in its second version, with a professionally designed SPACE for collaborative work and prototyping housed in the FABER building, the capacity to design and create PRODUCTS, and the professional determination and know-how needed in order to generate good ARCHITECTURE for both cities and minds.