Locuințe colective, Timocului - Beta Competition
Graduation projects

Collective housing, Timocului

Project description

A different housing for a different... The concept underlying the project begins from the idea of a nucleus, namely the formation of a community which promotes relationships between tenants, contact with nature and sustainability mechanisms. Regarding the proposal of the volume the context is taken into account, urban relations, vicinities and especially the relationship with the Bega river, which is positioned to the north of the site. The positioning of the enclosure-type buildings emphasizes the nucleus, respectively the common courtyard, the volumetry is fragmented taking into account the density and the present context. This common courtyard being defined by a natural character is also found on the upper floorswith the help of the shared terraces facing Bega. The ensemble is seen as two volumes that form a funnel, one facing the city where the community opens up. This funnel continues in the cantilever/lookout area towards Bega, showing the community*s private relation with the river. The complex houses 35 apartments, ranging from one room to three rooms with apartments on two levels. The arrangement of the interior space is diverse and the structure allows a refurbishment according to the needs of the users. The positioning of the building bodies and the double orientation of the apartments take advantage from the relation with Bega and the need for light and shade. The entry to the apartments is done with the help of a metal walkway, taking this approach from the historical buildings in Timisoara, as well as the colours and details. On the other hand, the facades facing the courtyard have a special character due to the walkway that offers dynamism. In the porposal, the future development of the Bega river was taken into account, as a result the facade which was originally a bottomof the plot was transformed into a front towards the water. A different type of housing that takes into account the relationship of the community as a whole and at the same time the relationship that the community has with the city and the external community.

Author's presentation text

A super young architect who not long ago finished the faculty of architecture and is eager to discover the depths of this profession