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Not Another Bench

Project description

The „Not Another Bench” project was created firstly as part of a competition where it got the attention of a local business man, Lucian Perescu , the CEO of Constructim, one of the leading building companies in the western region of Romania. He decided to contact the author, Octavian Prostean and help construct and display the project in Timisoara. During the second part of the year 2022 it was constructed in a workshop and then finally displayed in the month of June in Unirii Square, Timisoara. Since than it received a lot attention from local and national press, being described as: “unique bench, having a great success among the people from Timisoara”. Furthermore, it got popular on social media, being the backdrop for pictures on Instagram, Facebook and videos on Tik Tok. The initial purpose of the project was to bring an object of parametric design to Timisoara. Parametric design, although a style that exists for over 2 decades, is relatively unknown in Romania. With a few exceptions in big cities, there are no other projects in Romania. Octavian Prostean wanted to create something that follows this aesthetic, but at the same time following a purpose and function. The attention that it received was of surprise for all parts involved but can be explained through the direct relationship people establish with the object. On one hand it offers a sensorial experience. The wavey shape is created by individual laminated wooden panels, soft to the touch. Giving its innovative geometry, each spot on the bench has a different feeling. The bench invites you to touch, to feel the shapes, the rough but soft feeling of the wood. It offers a unique sensorial experience. On the other hand, it has a shape that inspires people to find associations, to have their own interpretation of the object. Although it has an organic undefined shape, people try to define the shape- being described as a spaceship, a crocodile or even a parasite. Another aspect to be noted is that it serves as a playground for small children. Kids love to climb the bench, the tunnels created by the wooden panels are used as a playground. And finally, it is comfortable- one of the few pieces of urban furniture in Timisoara that is comfortable. All these factors make the bench an example of how a piece of urban furniture can be functional, can inspire people to think creatively and can offer a unique experience for its users.

Author's presentation text

Octavian Proștean, born in Timișoara in 1992. Graduated from the Nikolaus Lenau high school in Timișoara and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. He is currently a trainee architect in an individual architecture office in Timișoara, under the guidance of architect Andrei Gelmărean. Within the design office, Octavian Proștean managed to design several projects of residential houses and kindergartens. Passionate about parametric architecture, Octavian Proștean has so far managed to create a series of architectural installations belonging to this trend, in Vienna and Timișoara.