Office design BEJ - Beta Competition
Interior space

Office design BEJ

Project description

The design process tried to answer the client’s needs from a functional point of view without compromising the aesthetic values. The design requirements refers to the design of the office of a bailiff company. The client, owner of the space located in a building constructed in 2010, wanted the functionality of the space required for the profile activity to be complemented by a warm atmosphere. The existing open space had a fragmentation in the central area due to the structure of the building's concrete diaphragms. The functional layout needed according to the design requirements, was developed around the existing structure, taking into account the optimal natural lighting of the space. The whole concept was based on the creation of a welcoming atmosphere that would make you feel confortable. The concept works in this way with materiality, texture and light. A successive grey-white rhythm is created enhanced by the texture of the wood, thus the functions of each area will be clearly delimited and marked by changing the texture, color, or lights. Functionally, the space is divided into two areas, one intended exclusively for employees, and one dedicated to the public. The reception area offers a main desk located in front of the access area, but also a slightly secluded waiting area. The materiality of the space is accentuated by the vertical rhythm of the wooden slats, which become a leitmotif of the entire space, thus creating a unity of the entire office space. The reception facilitates access to the semi-public areas dedicated to the 3 closed offices and meeting room, but also to the area intended exclusively for employees. The meeting room outlines a vibrant space, through warm color accents and the materiality of wood. The 3 spaces intended for individual offices are treated in the same warm note, slightly tempered with gray and white. The transition to the open space work area is achieved through a buffer space for printing accessible from both functional areas. Conceptually, the space is shaped by the background and the rhythmicity generated by the arrangement of the files. The high volume of files was an important point of the design. The ceiling was treated open to allow the use of the entire height of the space intended for the perimeter storage of files. The open space workspace was designed with island furniture, centrally positioned, dedicated to workstations. The furnishing of the space mixes between custom made and standard elements. The standard furniture through classic pieces brings a touch of sophistication to the interior.

Author's presentation text

The design and planning team is made up of 3 members, Patricia, Sandu and Lavinia, architects who completed their studies in 2015 at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Timisoara. We are active in Timisoara, but through the prism of collaborations we have expanded the area to the north-west area as well. The passion for architecture brought us together and we created a team in which each individual has his own identity. What unites us is the desire for expression by creating an excellent relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Within the office, small-scale projects are carried out, a factor that helps us to be competitive and to pay attention to details.