Orasul la scara umana - Beta Competition

Human scale city

Project description

The series of photographs "The city on a human scale" represents a collection of approaches for analyzing, describing and understanding the urban grid and form on a human scale and the power of the city to change the socio-economic life of users and the environment. One of the important values โ€‹โ€‹of connecting people and streets is the size of the public space. Is it human or not? Streets, parks and plazzas can affect people's lives. This series of photographs captures different ways of perceiving public space through its relationship with the size of the human body. The city is captured through photography as an organism designed for walking. Walking is not only a linear movement that takes a person from one place to another, but means much more: a person can stop, change direction, speed up, slow down or even change the activity: standing, walking, lying down, running, dancing, climbing. In order for walking to be comfortable, including in terms of distance and pace, there must be enough space, without interruptions and too many obstacles.

Author's presentation text

Architect passionate about photography who tries to capture people's lives through their interaction with architecture and urban space in a unique and balanced way.