Spital de psihitarie în Căpâlnaș - Beta Competition
Graduation projects

Psychiatric hospital in Căpâlnaș

Project description

"Just as it might be said of me that I have made here only a bouquet of other people's flowers, without putting from me but the thread that binds them together." This quotation reflects the author's position in the project very accurately. A project that tries to talk about a complex system, composed of many factors, and that brings up a sensitive subject of the human condition, namely mental health. The main themes addressed in this work aimed at studying and understanding how architecture is perceived by people with mental and behavioural disorders, as well as establishing the parameters through which architecture can contribute to the recovery process of these people. The way these factors have been taken into account can be seen both in the proposed architecture, through the quality of the interior and exterior spaces, the coherent juxtaposition between them, the resolution of various issues related to privacy, safety, comfort, and the thinking adopted in the strategy for the development of this project. The hospital thus receives a series of new interior spaces, in constant dialogue with the external environment, mutually reinforcing each other and giving the image of a complete whole. The project has been carried out at different scales, providing answers both at the level of the whole and through the spatial and constructive detailing of the hospital, thus giving a better understanding of the project. In the end, the result is an architecture that is sensitive, both in scale and expression, and which sought to achieve not a monumentality of material but of spirit.

Author's presentation text

Born in Timisoara in 1996. In 2021 I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Polytechnical University of Timisoara and went for an Erasmus+ Traineeship in Krakow, Poland for the summer of 2021. In the present I work as an architect. Other interests include photography, painting, reading and traveling.