Sura - Beta Competition
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Project description

The event hall "Province" or "Sura" as it is called, is located near Timisoara, in the village of Bencecul de Jos, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close to nature and village life. The project was supposed to bring to the western part of Romania the possibility of organizing free events, in connection to nature, directly inspired from the village life. The project started as an initiative of a group of young people who had the courage to offer the public a different space for organizing private or corporate events. The building named "Sura" it’s part of a bigger complex and a larger concept that brings to life a former C.A.P. since 1965 of the village of Bencecul de Jos. Through this project, we wanted to introduce a modern "barn" into everyday life, which can host events throughout the year. The complex also has two event halls and 2 terraces that can host events at the same time, surrounded by a generous area of ​​green spaces. “Sura” was built on an area of ​​585.12 square meters, with a total built area of ​​835.93 square meters. The main spaces are found on the ground floor of the building (bathrooms, checkroom, the event hall, bar and all the staff’s serving spaces) . In the attic two apartments are being developed in diametrically opposite areas, one for the public and one for the auxiliary staff or the administrative team. As a positioning on the land, "Sura" keeps the axis and direction of the existing buildings that were kept on the land and revitalized, but receiving an advance in alignment, being the main body of the complex. The main access to the premises is in front of the building, through a gate and a fence made from pieces of brick recovered from the construction site. Access to the building is achieved gradually, first in a transit area which, depending on the situation, can be transformed from a completely external space into an internal space and then into the windfang area. At the end of the route, the space of event hall will open up to the perspective.The structure of the building is made exclusively out of wood, on a "timberframe" system, the foundation and the slab on the ground being the only structural elements made out of reinforced concrete. The interior and exterior finishes, and the entire carpentry, were also made out of wood. The wish of the clients was that both outside and inside, the building to be perceived as a place connected with the "industrial" life of the traditional Romanian village. To be able to offer this effect in the interior space, the entire structure was left to be seen and was thought to be a decorative element itself, without the need for other finishes or decorative elements to be added to the interior space.

Author's presentation text

The arhiGAMMA design office was founded in 2019 and is made up of the architecture and interior design departments. We offer both complete services: architecture + interior design, including project implementation (site monitoring, coordination of teams involved in the project, ordering materials and furniture pieces) as well as separate services: only architecture or only interior design. Our predominant projects are in the residential area, but we have also been active in the commercial, industrial and public areas. We also carry out land development projects (PUD, PUZ). We operate both locally and in other areas of the country (Iasi, Orsova, Arad, Surduc). Among our reference projects are Casa M. - a single-family house on the shore of Lake Surduc, completely independent from an energy point of view and with an energy efficiency close to a passive house, Province - an event hall similar to a barn, made on the structure of wood and SMW bicycle factory where we created the interior design project for the reception area, the dining room and the offices on the 1st floor. We are currently implementing a project for a wine cellar with a Michelin star restaurant in Arad County.