Building as a city - Beta Competition

Building as a city

Project description

Buildings have always tackled architects’ minds as ones world and often tended to be as much as independent as it could be. Once regarded as the machine for living, a walking city in Archigrams’ imaginative designs, the building has in some ways crossed the border to the area of being the city. This paper was motivated with the topic of the buildings that can be more than just a base for the dwelling and its connection to the city/blok area. As the topic of common good in the city is wide known and although often underdeveloped, the paper envisions the in-between space of the commons that often is disregarded as urban or has in any way citywide importance, but has its potential to guide residents’ living patterns, relations and common usage of space in and close to the building. The paper hypothesis is that the layers in building usage, hierarchy and possible meeting routes/places directly depend on its place in the building and that the position of residents’ dwellings, position of common spaces, regulation of positioning and use of common spaces are a direct regulator of dispersing of commons between residents. The paper will conduct a study regarding the modernist and socialist Block 29 in New Belgrade and will conclude what and how the levels of intensive communications in the building for residents can influence to more access to the commons.