Open Call: entries call for Beta Competition 2022 - Beta Competition

Open Call: entries call for Beta Competition 2022

This year, Timișoara Architecture Biennial will take place between 23 September – 23 October. The fourth edition of the biennial talks about the City as a common good and is dedicated to projects and actions capable of generating exceptional urban spaces, questioning the laws, rules and codes based on which cities are built and inhabited.

Beta Competition is one of the main events of Timișoara Architecture Biennial.

The competition is open to all those who help generating quality architecture within DKMT Euroregion (Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Arad and Hunedoara counties in Romania, Csongrád, Bács-Kiskun counties in Hungary and Vojvodina province in Serbia), including: architects, urban planners, landscapers, scenographers, light artists, graduates of architecture / interior design / urbanism / visual arts / design / engineers, IT specialists, administrations, NGOs, sociologists, psychologists, critics, theorists, philosophers, etc.

The participants can register the works created in the last two years, starting with the 6th of June 2022 (completed projects / proposals / projects that address the role of architecture, including essays or photography, related to the theme of this year’s Biennial – City as a common good), in the following categories: 1. Build space, 2. Interior space, 3. Public space, 4. Graduation projects, 5. Initiatives / Experiments / Visions, 6. Essay and 7. Photography.

The deadline for submitting your works is 28th of July 2022, 16:00(EET).

The website, contains all the necessary information for submitting the works and is available in Romanian and English.

More details about eligibility and conditions can be found in the Rules section, available on the site.

The Beta Competition 2022 offers prizes worth 14,000 euros, 7 prizes of 1000 euros each and 14 mentions of 500 euros each, respectively 1 prize and 2 mentions for each category. The jury will finally decide how to distribute these prizes and mentions, including their number, in compliance with the total value.

The submitted works will be evaluated by 3 different juries, grouped according to the 7 categories of the competition. The jury is elected by the organizing team, taking into account their expertise in the field. The final jury format will be announced soon. 

With the help of these two well established components – the project competition and the exhibition, this event supports and promotes quality architecture in the DKMT Euroregion. The competition is designed as an interface for relationships within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

The organizer of the Timișoara Architecture Biennial is the Romanian Order of Architects-Timiș branch, a professional organization with the scope to communicate to the society that architecture is of public interest, with urban, economic, social and ecological implications. The main objectives of the Order of Architects are: promoting quality architecture, creating and sustaining an environment conducive to interactions between professionals, administration, civil society and different stakeholders, adapting architectural education to the directions given by the socio-economic and cultural setting, as well as promoting the Euro-regional cultural identity in the national and international context.

Complementary to the Beta competition, in the program of the Timișoara Architecture Biennial, there are several events, among which we mention the main-exhibition entitled “Another Breach in the Wall”. The exhibition will contain nineteen interventions, presented on the streets of Timisoara: nineteen fictitious “micro-nations” meant to highlight the critical parts of the contemporary city and offer them a creative solution. The curators of this year’s biennial are Daniel Tudor Munteanu (architect and curator) and Davide Tommaso Ferrando (architecture critic, curator and researcher).

The main objective of Beta 2022 is to show that public space (the space where we meet, play, debate, protest, take care of each other, collaborate and many more), can be created by anyone if they have the right tools.

Beta is a strategic cultural project of Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș branch, and a priority project of the Romanian Order of Architects – National until 2024, being co-financed through Timbrul de Arhitectură, and by Timișoara Ciry hall  through the Center of projects.