Questions & Answers - Beta Competition

Questions & Answers

Q1: Do the 3 representative images have to be on the project panel?
A1: The 3 representative images do not necessarily have to be on the project panel, but it is important to keep in mind that these materials are for promoting the project and only the project panel will be taken into consideration during the judging process.

Q2: In the case of exhibiting a project produced in partnership with FAUT, is it necessary to grant copyright from FAUT or from each student who has taken part in it?
A2: The participants declare implicitly, through the submission of the entries in the competition, that they are the authors of the project and thus assume responsibility for any legal consequences in the case that it is proven that they do not own intellectual rights on all the materials submitted. If it is a multi-author project, it can be registered as long as all of the authors agree to participate in the Competition with that specific work.

Q3: In the overview, which will be on the project panel, should we put a single image or is it also allowed to use a collage?
A3: We encourage the use of a single image, but it is up to the participants to decide how to represent the project as long as the specific layout of the category is respected.

Q4: Is the center area of the layout flexible? Can the size or order of the pieces contained in that field be changed?
A4: Participants are free to present their project as they see fit, as long as the main areas of the layout are respected: top – representative image for the project; middle – explanatory pieces for the project; bottom – bilingual explanatory text of the work.

Q5: In category 4. Graduation projects, are students who have graduated Landscape Design allowed to submit a project?
A5: With this event we try to promote interdisciplinarity, therefore works from fields such as landscape design can be entered in category 3. Public space – if it is an ongoing landscape design. If it is a speculative project, it can be entered in category 5. Initiatives/ Experiments/ Visions in architecture, and if it is a graduation project, it can be entered in category 4. Graduation projects.

Q6: Are Beta volunteers allowed to participate in the Competition Exhibition?
A6: Jury members, as well as cultural partners, employees or their first-degree relatives are not allowed to take part in the competition. Members of the organizing team are also not allowed to join in the competition, but Beta volunteers are allowed to participate in the Competition Exhibition.